At Camp Crusoe, we truly believe that childhood is all too short and therefore every moment of it should be made the very most of. While school work is a vital part of our childrens’ development, so too is holiday time. It seems that more and more school holidays are just seen as revision sessions rather than what they should be - play time!

Having seen first hand how our American cousins get it so right when it comes to Summer Camps, we feel it is essential that every child has the opportunity to get away from home each year and enjoy a new environment, testing themselves, trying new things and making new friends, all while having fun in the great outdoors. Too much time seems to be spent cooped up with electronic gadgetry of one sort or another when there is so much fun to be had outdoors, playing with other kids in a safe and controlled setting.

Camp Crusoe is about allowing children the time and space to be exactly that - children. Fun and personal development is our ultimate aim, but we also know from experience how much children learn at Summer Camp, both about themselves and about being part of something larger than them. We hope you agree and come join us for the Crusoe Experience!



Jeremy is the youngest of four children and spent his childhood trying to keep up with his siblings as they climbed trees, camped in the garden, built rafts and whittled wood (and the odd finger). After school, Jeremy went with his best friend to work at Camp Chingachgook in upstate New York and, having turned up a sceptical British teenager, immediately caught the Summer Camp bug in a big way. He left fully converted to the ethos of Camp with dreams to one day start his own back home, so that British children could enjoy the same wonderful experiences.

Following university, Jeremy went to Sandhurst and then served 6 happy years in the Grenadier Guards getting paid to do what he had spent his childhood doing, with a bit of ‘aggressive camping’ thrown in. Not one to sit around, he then moved to the mountains of Tajikistan to run a camp (a mining camp sadly, not a summer one!) and then on to the (slightly) more civilised city of Charleston, South Carolina, to work getting Charlestonians outside doing more exercise. It was whilst in the States that the Summer Camp itch returned and in 2017 Jeremy came home with his trusty dog Archie to set up Camp Crusoe.

Jeremy, Archie and the team look forward to welcoming you to Camp Crusoe!



John grew up in Wellington, Somerset, and after university up in Durham went straight into teaching, since when he has had a long and illustrious career which has taken him around the country. 

He cut his teeth as a teacher at Loretto in Edinburgh and then moved on to become Director of Music at St. George’s School, Windsor Castle, combining this with a post at Eton College.  From there, he became Director of Music at the Cathedral Schools in Bristol and Chichester, and at Gresham’s Prep School in Norfolk.

A passionate and dedicated teacher for more than twenty years, John has spent many holidays teaching at summer schools and leading music group tours. As an accomplished choirmaster and director of plays and musicals, John is the Camp Crusoe song and dance man!



Nickie studied Nursing at Southampton University and after qualifying worked as a Staff Nurse on a busy medical ward and also nursed in Uganda. Seeking new challenges, Nickie later decided to retrain as a primary teacher and spent the next 25 years in schools where she was a great advocate for creative learning and outdoor adventure. She trained as a Forest School Leader, set up an outdoor education programme within her school, trained pupils for their DofE awards and even led school ski trips. Her last two years of teaching were at Exeter Deaf Academy, where she learnt the basics of British Sign Language, and now Nickie is a house dame at Eton College.

Growing up in the Somerset countryside, Nickie and her sisters would usually be found climbing trees, making dens, dabbling in streams and cycling round the lanes. This sense of adventure has continued throughout her life, and over the years Nickie has found for herself cycling Lands End to Cape Wrath, swimming between the Scilly Isles, hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc and sailing round the world.

With her wealth of First Aid and pastoral experience as a trained Samaritan, Nickie is the Camp Crusoe Matron and looks after campers both physically and emotionally.