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We know that sending your child away on a residential camp is a big decision and you will have lots of questions. Here we have tried to pre-empt some of those questions but do please get in touch if you have any other queries you’d like us to answer.


Can campers with special requirements attend?

We aim to accomodate everyone at Camp Crusoe and make every effort to ensure no one is turned away. We can always adapt activites to allow for most special circumstances but the best way to find out is to get in touch and let us know what you require.

What happens after registration for Summer Camp?

Once registered, you will receive your parents pack, detailing all the information you will need regarding your child’s week at Camp Crusoe. We will also require certain bits of information from you, including the elective activity preference form, transport requirement form, a detailed camper information form and proof of personal travel and medical insurance (not essential but recommended).

Can my child be in the same group as a friend?

If you make a request, we will do our best to make sure this happens although if the children are separated by 3 or more years in age then it may not be possible.

Are there rules at Camp?

Yes. Camp Crusoe is all about fun but we do set some rules to make sure everyone has fun in a safe way so things don't start to resemble Lord of the Flies! We find that overwhelmingly campers are well behaved but we do have policies in place to deal with problems should they arise. Details will be included in the parents pack.

What should I pack for Summer Camp?

A full packing list will be sent out with the parents' pack in good time before camp. Please read it carefully and be sure to name absolutely everything and be prepared for clothes to come home dirty! The weather in the Brecon Beacons in August can be sunny and warm but apparently it sometimes rains so don't forget the cagoule!

Will my child need pocket money at Summer Camp?

Campers will not need money at any point, however, we do have a small tuck shop selling sweets and souvenirs. We recommend no more than £20 per child. Pocket money is handed to staff on arrival for safekeeping.

What if my child gets homesick?

Homesickness, especially amognst younger campers, is natural and to be expected. We are always on the look out for signs of homesickness and are ready to offer support to those who may start to miss home. Keeping busy is often the best prevention and there is plenty of opportunity for that here! In our experience if you have any doubt about homesickness it’s better to avoid speaking directly to your child as this can exacerbate the problem and be traumatic for both of you. Writing a letter or e-mail which we can print off and give to your child is a much more lasting way of showing you care. We will always contact you if we have any concerns regarding your child.

What is your mobile phone policy at Summer Camp?

Brace yourself - Camp Crusoe is a mobile phone free environment! We kindly ask parents to keep hold of their child's phone (and, while you're at it, pads, pods and all other internet gizmos!) while they are away at camp. We are very aware that for many it is an important link to their friends and family, but in our experience the children are far happier being immersed into their stay and prefer telling you all about their experiences once they are home. Additionally, we have found that if they are going to get homesick it occurs when they they have a chat to their parents! There is ample time to write a post card home so we recommend packing stamps instead.

There will always be a way for parents to get hold of their children in an emergency by calling camp HQ.

What is your image and video policy?

There are many occasions at camp when photographs and video images will be taken. Camp Crusoe will ensure that images are used properly, and that, as in all matters, risks are minimised.

Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, all photographs and video images of children and staff alike are classified as personal data. This means that no image can be used for display or for publicity etc., unless consent is given by or on behalf of the individual concerned.

All parents will be asked to sign a consent form allowing their child to be photographed or videoed while at Camp Crusoe and for the image to be used for publicity purposes.

All pictures taken will be appropriate and Camp Crusoe will ensure that due sensitivity is shown in the choice and composition of these images.

Only appropriate images will be used on the Camp Crusoe website, and children will never be identified by their name.

Can we enjoy Camp Crusoe at other times and places?

Yes! Throughout the year we run workshops and are available to organise children's parties across the country, giving that Summer Camp experience in every season. If that weren't enough, we also organise family retreats and bespoke camps where parents are allowed to join in the fun and enjoy the Crusoe experience.

For more information on this check out our seasonal and family camp pages.

More questions?

There is lots of information the camp pages but if you have any more questions for us please dont hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!