We are recruiting a number of 17-25 year olds looking to take on the exciting challenge of being a volunteer Camp Counsellor.

Being a volunteer counsellor at Camp Crusoe offers invaluable experience of how to work with and relate to young people plus is an amazing boost to your own self-confidence and people skills.

The role will appeal to:

  • Young people who are looking to build their CV.

  • College and University students looking for work experience.

  • Sixth formers who want to add to their personal statements for University applications.

  • Anyone looking to take the first steps towards a career with children, including aspiring teachers, youth workers, and coaches.

  • People who want a fun way to gain their Duke of Edinburgh residential qualification.

As a Counsellor you will lead a group of about 8 children, taking part in all of their activities: you will eat at their table, join in their games, put them to bed in the evening, and wake up with them in the morning.

Counsellors are responsible for keeping their group happy, safe and cared for. You will get to know the children really well, and will become an older brother or sister figure to them. For many children, the relationship they develop with you will be the highlight of their holiday.

At Camp, you will be one of about ten counsellors along with a Director and Assistant Director, who will plan the week and deliver larger activities. There will also be a camp nurse, chef, and a small team of domestic staff.

To get you ready to be a Camp Counsellor you will attend a training week, led by highly experienced instructors. Trainees will learn about working with children and teenagers, getting to know them, keeping them safe both physically and emotionally, and making sure they get the maximum benefit from the experience of a camp. They will learn about organisation, management and leadership skills. They will also go away with a large stock of ideas for children’s activities  –  lots of games, indoor, outdoor, quiet and boisterous, songs to sing, things to make, stories to tell, puzzles to solve, and much more.

Have an amazing time while helping others and having fun - sign up now to volunteer on Summer Camp 2019!


The smooth running of any good Summer Camp requires a dedicated team of staff working behind the scenes keeping camp running like clockwork. If you are interested in applying for a camp support staff role please get in touch to find out more.