Camper safety is our number one priority. We understand the anxiety and nerves over sending your child to Camp and work hard to make sure that Camp Crusoe is fun, action-packed and, above all, safe. We go to great lengths to ensure all of our staff and we only accept the highest standard from our staff, activities and location.


The safeguarding of our Campers is of paramount concern to us and we take the responsibility of looking after your children extremely seriously. Above all the the fun at Camp, safety and safeguarding is of the highest importance.

We have a robust safeguarding policy which you can read here. During our counsellor training week we run a session on safeguarding and make sure all staff know the safeguarding policy back to front and are confident on how to implement it.


  • Staff to camper ratio is approximately 1:4.

  • Staff hiring - all of our staff undergo a rigourous application process so we only hire the most qualified, experienced and passionate staff.

  • Background check - every staff member goes through a full background disclosure and reference check.

  • All of our staff partake in a fully comprehensive week-long staff training programme.

Physical Health

  • First aid facilities and fully qualified individuals are available 24 hours a day on site.

  • Ewyas Harold doctor’s surgery, located 5 miles away, is available for daily short notice appointments.

  • Nevill Hall Hospital and Hereford County Hospital are 11 and 18 miles from Camp respectively.

  • Parents are notified right away in case of any injury or illness.

Activity Risk Assessments

  • All of our activities at Camp Crusoe have undergone a thorough risk assessment.

  • Each activity is overseen by a qualified instructor who is assisted by the Camp Counsellors.

Emergency Procedures

  • We have a full emergency procedures policy.

  • All staff members are fully trained in emergency procedures.

  • All campers practice an emergency procedure drill on day one of Camp.


We fully appreciate and understand that being away from home can be a daunting experience. We ensure that every child is welcomed to a positive and friendly environment. 

Every child at Camp is treated as an individual - every worry, concern and problem is listened to by their own counsellors. We make a concerted effort to look out for campers who are struggling to adjust and give them extra attention and advice to help. 

If a camper is homesick, our counsellors are trained to:

  • Speak to the camper and ask them about how they are feeling.

  • Find out what they have enjoyed about Camp so far and if there is anything they are not enjoying.

  • Encourage the camper to make new friends and tell them about all the fun activities coming up.

  • Speak to one of the Camp Directors who will inform the parents if necessary.

  • Keep a closer eye on the camper for the duration of their stay at Camp.

  • Encourage other campers to help out the camper that is homesick.